OPDPC Announces Regulations on Submission, Rejection, Settlement and Period for Consideration of Complaints

After the appointment of the chairman and qualified members of the Personal Data Protection Committee on January 18th 2022, there was an announcement of the Personal Data Protection Committee Regulations regarding the submission, rejection, termination, consideration and complaints consideration period on 11th July 2022.

The announcement intends to make clear how complaints will be process, it should be noted that under this regulation, a complaint is defined as a request to report a violation of the law on personal data protection or a failure to abide under PDPA by data controller or data processor, including employees or contractors of data controller or data processor. Such process has been summarized in diagram shown below.

Punsuree Kanjanapong, Lead – Legal Technology Counselor
Apistha Buajaroen, Legal Technology Counselor
Pone Pongsumrankul, Legal Technology Counselor