Announcement: Appointment of the Personal Data Protection Committee


Despite being postponed for two consecutive times, the wait is expected to come to an end for those who anticipate the effectiveness of the renowned Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562 (the “PDPA”), which is set to be fully enforceable on 1 June 2022. In this regard, the recent Royal Gazette on Appointment of the Personal Data Protection Committee (the “PDPC”) has been announced on 18 January 2022, revealing list of ten committees to jointly perform duties as the PDPC.

What is PDPC?

PDPC is the main regulatory who plays crucial role in issuing relevant rules and regulations under the PDPA, including promoting and supporting both public and private sectors in complying with the respective act. Moreover, the PDPC also holds power to give clarification and render decisions concerning issues arising out of the enforcement of the PDPA.

What to expect from the appointment of the PDPC?

Following the appointment of the PDPC, many see this as a sign that there shall be no more postponement for the enforcement of the PDPA. Also, it is expected that all relevant rules and regulations shall be established prior to the PDPA effective date, in order to outline details and give clarification to the compliance thereto. 

In the light of the above information, less than four months is left for those who have not started on the process of becoming “PDPA compliant”. To get a glimpse of what you should do to become a PDPA compliant, please check out our article on “9 Useful Steps to Becoming Compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)”. Further, please do not hesitate to reach us should you need some help to become a PDPA complaint!

Author: Pariyakorn R., Legal Technology Counselor.