Athentic Consulting Holds Webinar on the Latest Progress in Thailand’s PDPA Implementation

Athentic Consulting recently held a seminar on PDPA implementation in Thailand and how this new regulation would impact companies and organizations throughout the country.

This seminar was targeted at compliance officers, lawyers, cyber security specialists, company managers, and other employees dealing with personal data issues, who want to learn how to meet the requirements under the PDPA.

The seminar focused on assisting the participants in understanding how to facilitate and implement the new requirements of the PDPA in organizations. The following important topics were covered during the event:

  • What changes does the PDPA bring
  • Cyber Security under the PDPA
  • Actions to take to prepare for the PDPA
  • Athentic Consultings role in providing PDPA, legal and other privacy services

Representatives of leading companies in Thailand attended the event.