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Unlocking value of your data assets with seamless regulatory compliance including PDPA, cyber security and data management. Harnessing the power of data insights and empowering digital transformation driven by data strategy mastery and advanced analytics.


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Why Athentic

Established as a RegTech firm in 2022 , ATHENTIC Consulting has deep insights in using technology to manage Personal Data Protection Compliance. To support our clients to achieve their goals on data and digital transformation, we enhance our expertise on DataTech, adding data strategy, advance analytics, and digital transformation to our services. We continue to staying true to our roots using technology and develop tailored-made digital platforms for our clients to achieve greater efficiency.

Our Services

PDPA Compliance

Ensure your organization meets Thailand's Personal Data Protection Law efficiently and effectively.


Data Governance

Improve data usability by implementing robust data standards and maintaining a high-quality data catalog.


Data Strategy

Develop a clear roadmap to transform into a data-centric organization.


Data Analytics

Maximize the value of your data with comprehensive analysis, machine learning, and AI.


Data Security

Advance your data initiatives with the highest standards of data security.


Data Office

Your ultimate Outsourced Chief Data Office (OCDO) platforms to implement your data strategy’s use cases.


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